Saturday, September 13, 2014

Football: Drummonds is back with Manatee

Quarterback Sloan Drummonds has returned to Manatee's  football team.
A transfer from Sebastian River,  Drummonds left the Hurricanes  prior to the start of the regular season. But the senior was on Manatee's  sideline Friday wearing his jersey and a  pair  of shorts, and coach John Booth said Drummonds will suit up next week when Manatee hosts Sarasota.
"It was a mutual thing. It didn't work out where he was going, and he wanted to come back. And it worked out,"  Booth said Friday following Manatee's win over Naples. "It wasn't  a negative thing why they were leaving.  And when they came back we said, 'Yeah,  we'll take you back. No problem,' with certain conditions...He's been great with understanding his role and where he fits in with everything."
Sophomore  A.J. Colagiovanni got the start during the Canes' Kickoff Classic at Tarpon Springs East Lake while Drummonds, who had battled an injury during camp, watched in the sideline from street clothes. He left the team days before Manatee opened the regular season in Ware County, Ga.
Though Drummonds will  be active against the Sailors, Booth said he won't  automatically slide into the starting lineup. Colagiovanni has completed 20  of 41 attempts for 304 yards, and Manatee has utilized running back Johnnie Lang out the  wildcat. The junior has totaled 367 yards on the ground and four touchdowns in the last two weeks.
"A.J.  played well and we've done some different things with Johnnie in the wildcat," Booth said,  "so we're not necessarily next week having (Drummonds) come in and start. But certainly as we move and progress down,  we're trying to find a role and where he can kind of fit in with the offense."


  1. Me thinks the real issue the whole time was working out eligibility issues with the FHSAA. The whole transfer thing was fishy from the very beginning.

    1. No! Never had anything to do with eligibility.

  2. fishy or not the best thing is we have him back , and that's what counts because we're going to make a playoff run and to do that we need a kid like drummond arm and a kid like AJ heart and of course i dont't need to say anything about Johnnie he's the complete package. With Drummond back and the Defense playing the way there playing, get ready STATE BOUND!!!!!!

  3. Have watched practice and Sloan has a much higher upside than AJ! Have yet to see him work with the first unit! Far better arm and moves much better that AJ! Come on Booth, Give the kid the ball!

  4. Sloan is the total package! That boy can do it all! Just give him the chance and he will show everyone that he can bring the Canes to another championship!!!!!