Monday, August 12, 2013

Prep football: Why it pays to be a state semifinalist

photo by Grant Jefferies

The partnership between quarterback Cord Sandberg and coach Joe Kinnan led to a state championship and three more trips to the state semifinals for the Manatee Hurricanes, who have made four straight final four appearances overall.
That also makes for a lot of money, which is key, considering Kinnan said no district funds went toward athletics last season.
Manatee has played 18 playoff games over the last four years, which according to Kinnan, brought in between an additional $150,000 and $160,000 to the school's athletic program after expenses.
"That is money that you don't really anticipate," Kinnan said. "That's money that's a bonus for your athletic program. Our surplus that was built up that the district borrowed was a direct result of our 18 playoff games.
"We're fortunate to have a good following."
Manatee hosted Fort Laurderdale St. Thomas Aquinas in a 2009 Class 5A state semifinal that resulted in a $50,000 gate. After covering expenses and giving Aquinas its share, Manatee made roughly $20,000 that night, Kinnan said.
Also the school's athletic director, Kinnan said the money football generates through gate receipts goes toward purchasing uniforms and equipment for Manatee's other athletic teams.
If a team wants to raise money for other things, such as travel shirts or pre-game meals, it can organize its own fundraiser.
As for the Hurricanes, they will play an out-of-state game for the third time in four years on Labor Day weekend when they head to the University of Maryland to face Gilman (Md.) on 7 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 1.
The game is slated to broadcast live on FoxSports and is part of the 2013 UnderArmour Brothers In Arms Classic, a month-long series featuring 46 teams from around the state.
UnderArmous and SigningDayLLC are among the companies sponsoring the event, and Kinnan said no district money will be spent on the trip.. 


  1. What channel is that on Verizon. I have looked all over the channel guide and can't find it scheduled anywhere

  2. 83 SD - 583 HD on Fios

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