Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Urban/rural committee makes recommendations to FHSAA

The urban/rural committee, which was put together by the Florida State Athletic Association to gather feedback from parents and coaches throughout the state, presented its recommendations to the FHSAA at the association's lastest board meeting.
The recommendations:
1. A Division II classification - Made up of member schools private and public, Division II would be for high schools residing in an area classified as rural by the Office of Tourism, Trade and Econmonic Devlopment and with an enrollment of 500 students or less. The classification would cover boys and girls basketball, baseball, football, softball and girls volleyball.
2. Recruiting penalties - The committee believes recruiting offenses must be penalized with severe measures, including suspension from the association, exclusion from the state playoffs and heftier fines.
3. Capping international students - The committee wants to see the FHSAA use a clearinghouse to determine eligibility for international students, just as it does to determine a member's accreditation. The committee recommended no more than one international students participate on a varsity team.
4. Seeking feedback - The FHSAA should gather information and opinions from other schools on the topics of reclassification and redistricting.

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